Frances Drake begins Project Ozma in 1960

SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)

What are some mind-blowing facts about SETI?

SETI or Search for extraterrestrial intelligence has captured the publics imagination on the reality that advanced civilizations statisically should exist and that they are already communicating and we are just not listening enough. Here is a little history up to now:

Yes, Nikola Tesla had martian fever. In 1896 he suggested radio waves to contact extraterrestrial life. Repetitive clicking on his receiver was believed to be martian signals. Marconi, Kelvin, and Todd also followed suit.

For a few days in 1924, National Radio Science Day took place. All radios in the US were silent for 5 minutes on the hour every hour. A radio receiver was lifted into the sky and the chief cryptographer of the US Army was assigned to translate any martian signals.

Frances Drake begins Project Ozma in 1960, the first effort to systematically scan the skys.

Before Arecibo was Ohio States Big Ear radioscope and the shelved Project Cyclops in 1971. Now NASA is paying attention.

In 1974, the Arecibo message is sent. 215 bytes fired off at 1000kW in the direction of globular star cluster M13. It encodes our counting system, atomic and rough genetic makeup, and a graphic of a human, our solar system, and the transmitter. Earth is now phoning home:

In 1977, 6EQUJ5, aka the Wow! signal reaches Earth. Duration of 72 seconds and believed to be non-terrestrial and non-solar in origin. Was never found again.

Also in 1977 Voyager 1 is launched carrying the Voyager Golden Record for other advanced civilizations to find, most likely our descendants. At 18 billion kilometers (Sep. 2012) it is almost 17 light hours from the sun, the farthest man-made object. Travelling at 17,000 km/s, it would reach Proxima Centauri (nearest star) around 75800 AD, assuming it were headed in that direction.

In 1991 a faint object designated 1991 VG approaches Earth. Thought by some to be a Bracewell probe. Bracewell probes are hypothetical, self-replicating space probes that scour the universe searching for advanced life. So far 1991 VG is just a small Near-Earth object or has not chosen to communicate with us. A compatible idea is the von Neumann probe.

In 1994 the US Congress cancels NASAs funding for SETI. Apparently government knows best. 1,500 people in 62 countries coordinate a global network of small, amateur-built radio telescopes under SETI League and Project Argus.

in 1999 ches, arguably the best example of distributing public computing power. In 2009 the computing power exceeds 617 teraFLOPS. As of 2010, after 10 years of data collection, listened to that one frequency at every point of over 67 percent of the sky observable from Arecibo with a least 3 scans (out of the goal of 9 scans),西安夜网 which covers about

20 percent of the full celestial sphere

Optical observations certainly have not been ruled out. A Type III civilization on the

would have the technological ability (as we understand) to harness the energy output of an entire galaxy. Surely this could not go unnoticed. Unfortunately or fortunately there are hundreds of billions of galaxies.

states the number of communicating civilizations in our own galaxy is a multiplication of the number of stars formed that have planets which can support life that go on to develop intelligent life who develop technology to send radio waves into space times how long they send radio waves into space. Even the most conservative numbers entered equate to 1000 such civilizations in the galaxy. How long an advanced civilization sends electromagnetic radiation into space is probably much shorter than you think. Humans have been doing this for only 110 years and we are already winding down our radiation contribution as we enter the digital age.

There is a major flaw in the Jodie Foster film Contact; this builds on the previous point. We often imagine our radio sphere to expand out the 100 or so years we have been broadcasting and that it remarkedly resembles a time machine. Unfortunately we often forget the inverse square law where transmitted electromagnetic power loses its energy by 1/4 at twice the distance from the transmitter. A few light years away, our radio signals would be indistinguishable from background noise.

Then why bother with SETI? A civilization that WANTS to be heard will do everything to amplify, focus, and intelligently direct a signal to likely candidates within a few hundred light-years. As we refine our detection skills, we are able to detect atmospheric conditions in exoplanets. Those in the Goldilocks zone that seem a great candidate are the ones we would focus on. Perhaps another civilization is doing the same but we arent listening well enough. The sky is pretty big afterall.


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What happened to SETI? Is it still functioning?

Is the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI) making progress?

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who attend Ysgol Treganna in Cardiff

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Cardiff schoolchildren boycott plastic red noses for Comic Relief to protect environment

Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited

A group of schoolchildren have said theyre not going to wear red noses in aid of Comic Relief due to the detrimental effect plastic can have on the environment.

The students, who attend Ysgol Treganna in Cardiff, Wales, have decided to paint their noses red instead for Red Nose Day in order to raise money for charity.

A pupil called Mia wrote a letter to her school asking that the academic institution encourage all its students to follow suit.

Watch: Students around the world walk out to demand charge (France 24)

Little hope for Ukrainian prisoners in Russian jails

One of the main issues in Ukraines ongoing presidential campaign is how to deal with Russia. A key concern is the fate of prisoners. Russia has detained a large number of Ukrainian citizens for what Ukraine says are political reasons. Kiev says it would like to organise a prisoner swap, but Moscow appears unwilling to negotiate. Our correspondents report from Ukraine and Russia.

Belgium: Election season at the heart of Europe (part 2)

Its a patchwork country at the heart of the patchwork continent that is Europe: a country of 11 million people, with three official languages, and the de facto capital of the EU. In this edition of Europe Now, we head to Belgium.

Belgium: Election season at the heart of Europe (part 1)

Its a patchwork country at the heart of the patchwork continent that is Europe: a country of 11 million people, with three official languages, and the de facto capital of the EU. In this edition of Europe Now, we head to Belgium.

Global climate strike: Students around the world walk out to demand change

Global climate strike: Students around the world walk out to demand change

Little hope for Ukrainian prisoners in Russian jails

Belgium: Election season at the heart of Europe (part 2)

Belgium: Election season at the heart of Europe (part 1)

Gun legislation in the wake of the Christchurch massacre

Parade of unicorns: Tech firms race to IPOs before turning profit

Protesters take to the streets in Algeria for sixth successive Friday

Social Media goes into meltdown after another failed Brexit vote.

Third rejection for Mays Brexit deal, Xis European tour and military gets involved in Algeria crisis

Branching out: Frances flourishing forests

One year after March of Return, many Gazans still determined to protest

In southern Texas, Trumps border wall divides Americans

No joke: Comedian Zelenskiy leads race to Ukrainian presidency

Climate change in the era of fake news

Six decades on, Tibetan diaspora in Dharamsala worried about its future

The ISS, the worlds greatest collaborative science programme

I wrote a letter to the school suggesting we dont wear red noses as I thought it was a good idea because its made of plastic and it goes into the sea and harms sea life, Mia told theBBC.

Fellow student called Tomos echoed his classmates sentiments, saying: The plastic noses are only used for one day and after that they are binned which can really harm nature.

Another pupil called Bethan explained her reasoning for opting to paint her nose red instead of wearing a plastic red nose, saying that there are not many uses for the red nose, which is why wearing one can be a waste.

Sir David Attenborough claims What we do now affects the next few thousand years in Davos speech

2012: Jack Saunders performs dance solo as Unity UK audition on Skys Got To Dance

Jussie Smollett arrives at Chicago courthouse

One Red Nose Day and a Wedding teaser

One Red Nose Day and a Wedding teaser

Sir David Attenborough claims What we do now affects the next few thousand years in Davos speech

2012: Jack Saunders performs dance solo as Unity UK audition on Skys Got To Dance

Jussie Smollett arrives at Chicago courthouse

Emily Maitlis gives Labours Barry Gardiner the side-eye during Newsnight

Mandy Moore discusses her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Game of Thrones full season 8 trailer

Our Planet Official Trailer Netflix

Netflix announce new interactive series with Bear Grylls called You vs Wild

Peppa Pig accused of sexism for using the word fireman

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern comforts worshippers at Wellington mosque

Stephen Colbert pans Donald Trumps reaction to New Zealand attack

Its just there to put on your nose for a day and I dont think youre going to walk around every day with a red nose, she added.

The first Red Nose Day was held in 1988, when comedian and co-founder of Comic Relief Lenny Henry celebrated the event with a group of children in Ethiopa.

More than 150 celebrities and comedians also took part in the event, and more than 30 million viewers watched it on TV.

Red Nose Day raised more than 15m in its inaugural year.

In pictures: Student climate strikes go global (Deutsche Welle)

Comic Relief has stated that it admires the Cardiff schoolchildren for taking a stand against plastic pollution.

We of course respect the students decision and are excited they are still supporting Red Nose Day by painting their noses red and fundraising, a spokesperson for the charity toldThe Independent.

We are working with our corporate partners and a responsible sourcing consultancy to explore alternatives and solutions for the future.

The spokesperson also said while it doesnt view its merchandise as single-use items, it does recognise our responsibility to ensure that all of our campaign products which raise so much for good causes are as environmentally friendly as possible.

In pictures: Polar bears and 50 other species threatened by climate change (Stacker)

We have removed and reduced plastics from a range of merchandise to date, they added.

Pupils at Fourlanesend School in Cornwall recently announced that theyd also be refraining from wearing plastic red noses on Red Nose Day, an affirmation that received praise from environmentalist Sir David Attenborough.

In pictures: Stormy scenes in the UK and other top photos of the week (Photos)

According toCornwall Live,西安夜网 students at the school were absolutely buzzing to receive a letter from the renowned nature TV presenter.

Jacob Rees-Mogg utterly loses it in live BBC interview

Brexit news – LIVE: Tory Brexiteers unleash furious backlash at Theresa May over Jeremy Corbyn talks aimed at resolving national crisis

Wembley stabbings: Two men in hospital after knife attack near student accommodation in London

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Thanks for signing up as a global citizen. In order to create your account we need you to provide your email address. You can check out ourPrivacy Policyto see how we safeguard and use the information you provide us with. If your Facebook account does not have an attached e-mail address, youll need to add that before you can sign up.

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Were going to hit you with some plastic stats.

Each year, around8 million metric tons of plasticenter the worlds oceans. Its like dumping a rubbish truck full of plastic in the water every single minute.

In the US, which accounts for just 4% of the global population,500 million plastic straws are usedevery day.

Take action:Call on Governments and Business Leaders to Say No to Single-Use Plastics

The average supermarket plastic bagcan take up to 1,000 yearsto break down.

It makes you wonder how weve gone so long without realising (or caring?) that plastic is having a truly devastating effect on the environment.

Luckily, these 15 countries and cities around the world have made serious strides in the race against plastic, and the rest of us can learn a lot from them.

As of August 2017, anyone in Kenya whos found using, producing, or selling a plastic bag faces up to four years in jail, or a $38,000 fine.

Its the worlds harshest plastic bag ban, and its prompting some seriously creative solutions.

On July 30, 2017, its independence day, the Pacific nation of Vanuatu announcedthe beginning of a phasing out of plastic bags and bottles.

When implemented, it will ban the use or importation of single-use plastic bags and bottles and it will make Vanuatu the first Pacific country to launch such a ban.

In January 2018, the UKannounced a 25-year plan to set the global gold standardon eliminating plastic waste, according to environment minister Michael Gove.

The first landmark step wasto eliminate plastic microbeads, which can no longer be used in rinse-off cosmetic and personal care products. The tiny plastics are found in products like body scrubs, face washes, toothpaste, and cleaning products. But theyre so tiny they end up in the oceans, where theyre eaten by sea creatures and often end up back in the food chain.

Its not quite a complete ban, however, with leave-on products like sunscreen and makeup still allowed to contain microbeads.

The UK has also brought in a tax on plastic bags, as of 2015, which has resulted in 9 billion fewer plastic bags in circulation. Prime Minister Theresa May alsoannounced this month a consultationon a ban on plastic straws, stirrers, and cotton buds, which will launch later in the year.

Even the Queen of England has joined the war on plastics, bybanning plastic straws and bottlesfrom the Royal Estate in February.

In February,Taiwan announced one of the farthest-reaching bans on plastic in the world, restricting the use of single-use plastic bags, straws, utensils, and cups.

The ban which builds on existing regulations like a recycling programme, and extra charges for plastic bags should be completely in force by 2030.

In July 2017,Zimbabwe announced a total ban on expanded polystyrene(EPS), a styrofoam-like material used for food containers that takes up to a million years to decompose.

Those caught violating the ban have to pay a fine of between $30 and $500.

The Canadian city of Montreal kicked off 2018 bybanning single-use plastic bags.

Merchants have until June 5 to adapt to the policy and after that, first-time offenders could face fines of up to $1,000 for individuals and $2,000 for corporations.

The city previously used roughly 2 billion plastic bags every year, and just 14% of those were recycled. Meanwhile, the city of Victoria also announced it will bring in a ban on single-use plastic bags in July 2018.

In March 2018, the Californian city of Malibus local council votedto ban the sale, distribution, and use of single-use plastic straws, stirrers, and plastic cutlery, to begin on June 1.

The idea is to keep plastic from reaching the citys beaches and the ocean.

As of July 1, Seattle will become the first US city toenact a ban on plastic straws, along with single-use plastic utensils.

The ban was tested in September 2017 with a city-wide Strawless in Seattle campaign, which involved more than 100 restaurants, major sports organisations, airports, and aquariums, among others.

South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory,西安夜生活 Tasmania, and the Northern Territory,have state-wide banson single-use plastic bags, and Queensland is set to follow in July 2018.

Meanwhile, major Australian supermarkets Coles and Woolworthshave announced they will phase outsingle-use plastic bags by mid-2018 to impact customers in Victoria, New South Wales, and Western Australia.

Australia is one of the largest waste producers in the world, second only to the US, with Australians using an estimated 5 billion plastic bags every year before the ban, according toClean Up Australia.

In January 2018, Canadaput a full stop to plastic microbeads. Although microbeads are still permitted to be manufactured and imported for non-prescription drugs and certain natural health products until July 1.

Research had previously found that there were 1.1 million microbeads per square kilometre in Lake Ontario.

The German city of Hamburgbrought in a fairly niche plastic banin February 2016 against non-recyclable plastic coffee pods.

Many of the pods cant be fully recycled, and those that can be recycled consume a lot of energy because of their complicated design.

Before the ban, billions of the plastic shells were piling up in landfills each year.

In 2016, Francebecame the first country to announcea total ban on plastic cups, plates, and cutlery, to be brought in from 2020.

It followed the countrys total ban on plastic bags in 2015, in an effort to transform France into an exemplary nation in terms of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, diversifying its energy model, and increasing then deployment of renewable energy sources.

This massive city in India, home to over 20 million people, took a major step toward helping the planet whenit banned all forms of single-use plastic in 2017. The city, which was found to have theworst air quality out of 1,600 citiesthat were analysed, took the step after complaints were made of illegal burning of plastic at garbage dumps.

Before the ban,which was signed into lawon July 1, 2016, Morocco used 3 billion plastic bags every year an incredible 900 bags per person every year.

It made it the second largest plastic bag consumer in the world after the US. But the landmark bill was launched to ban the production, import, sale, and distribution of all plastic bags across the country.

When other countries around the world were just starting to think about imposing taxes on plastic bags,Rwanda banned them completely.

Since 2008, carrying a plastic bag in the country can earn you a jail sentence although typically offenders receive fines of about $61, according to Plastic Oceans campaign group.

According to Plastic Oceans, the plastic bag ban is just the start for Rwanda, which is now hinting at becoming the worlds first plastic-free nation and planning to become completely sustainable by 2020.

While still just a proposal, thestate of New York is considering banning plastic bags.The bill, introduced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, calls for the end of single-use plastic bags in grocery stores and other retailers by next year, but includes exceptions for items like produce bags, take-out bags, and bags sold for garbage or food storage.

The blight of plastic bags takes a devastating toll on our streets, our water, and our natural resources, and we need to take action to protect our environment,Cuomo said in a statement.

Global Citizen campaigns to achieve the UNs Global Goals, which include action on improving life on land, life below water, and creating sustainable cities and communities. You can join us by taking action on these issueshere.

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and released greenhouse gas by thawing anexposing orgic materials which then rot.

Landslides on an island in the Canadian Arctic have risen sixtyfold since the mid-1980s due to the thawing permafrost, according to scientists studying the effects of climate change.

The landslides have choked bodies of water with silt on the 70,000 square kilometers Banks Island in the Canadian Arctic; have made fishing harder for the islands Inuvialuit community; and released greenhouse gases by thawing and exposing organic materials which then rot.

The study, published in the journalNature Communicationsexplored a phenomenon called retrogressive thaw slumps, which happen when ground ice in the permafrost melts. Permafrost is the term used to describe ground which stays frozen for at least two years. The scientists conducted their study by analyzing images from the free-to-use Google Earth Engine Timelapse sheet.

Between 1984 and 2015, the number of retrogressive thaw slumps spiked 60 times, from 63 in 1984 to 4,077 in 2013.

By 2015, an area the size of the island of Manhattan, or 60 square kilometers, had been disturbed, Antoni G. Lewkowicz, a professor in the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics at the University of Ottawa, toldNewsweek.

Of the total retrogressive thaw slumps that happened since 1984, 85 percent took place after unusually hot summers of 1998, 2010, 2011 and 2012, the study revealed.

Lewkowicz said: Other studies from smaller areas of Banks Island had shown that retrogressive thaw numbers were increasing and Inuvialuit had reported seeing more slumps and exposed ground ice. We looked at the entire island and were truly staggered by the scale of the change.

We could also see that the northern part of the island was not affected much in 1998 when it was not particularly warm there, but was affected more in the later years when it was much warmer probably because there was less sea ice in the Northwest Passage by then. This implies that other permafrost areas with lots of ground ice may be affected in the future as they warm up.

And as global warming continues and warm summers become more commonplace, the team predicts there could be 10,000 retrogressive thaw slumps initiated every decade on Banks Island over the rest of the 21st century.

That would mean about 30,000 active in any year, compared to 4,000 at present, Lewkowicz said. If the global warming progresses more quickly than current estimates forecast, there could be even more landslides, he warned.

Retrogressive thaw slumps have dumped sediment into streams, lakes and the ocean: The team found more than 250 lakes on the island that were choked with sediment, Lewkowicz said.

The Inuvialuit who live in Sachs Harbour on Banks Island have reported that it is harder to get around the island now for hunting and fishing because of the number of thaw slumps. And thaw slumps export organic material which was previously frozen in the permafrost. The subsequent breakdown of this organic material by bacteria to form carbon dioxide or methane will contribute additional greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, causing further global warming. Finally, weve learned that even areas of cold permafrost are vulnerable to climate warming.

And while there will always be warmed and cooler summers, Lewkowicz explained that as the global climate heats up, the warmest summers will become even hotter over time.

This study shows how important that can be. Just two hot summers resulted in more than 3,000 landslides being initiated, half of which will remain active for more than 30 years, he said.

We cant stop thaw slumps from starting or stabilize the thousands of active thaw slumps. We can only make changes in our own lives to reduce our carbon footprint, and we can encourage our politicians to take the necessary measures to help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions so that future warming is as limited as possible, said Lewkowicz.

Martin Siegert, a professor and co-director of the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London who was not involved in the research, toldNewsweek: This looks like a consistent story alongside Arctic warming, which is two times the global average, heating up the land that is normally permanently frozen.

Julian Murton, a professor of permafrost science at the University of Sussex, in the U.K., who was not involved in the research, toldNewsweek: The key significance of the study is the revelation that parts of the colder northern regions of the Arctic, that I think have experienced limited geomorphic activity for at least several thousand years, are now starting to undergo a major pulse of landscape change.

The ecological consequences of widespread slumping on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and nutrient budgets is of major concern, he warned. Slumping represents a big disturbance to these systems, and their resilience and adaptation need to be investigated to see how the Banks Island ecosystem copes with such landscape change.

However, he pointed out that the study was limited because of the spatial resolution of the satellite images. Big slumps are easy to spot, whereas little slumps or incipient slumps may be easy to miss, he said.

The study comes as scientists attempt to understand the gravity of problems posed by climate change and global warming, and find solutions to the problems posed by them.

One team at Harvard University is taking the imaginative approach of trying tocreate a genetically engineered elephant-mammoth hybrid.The hardy animals could one day be released in the vast tundra and boreal stretches of North America and Eurasia, where they would press down on the ground and scrape back thick layers of winter snow so the cold can penetrate the soil. This, they believe, would prevent frozen soil, packed with leaves and other organic materials, from being exposed and releasing greenhouse gases.

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Consider this possibilityif President Trump were to say,西安桑拿 I am now the first female president? Who would celebrate that? Gaetz said during a Tuesday hearing.

Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Kushners WhatsApp Foreign Policy

Every day that we go on without getting to the bottom of this matter is a day that we are putting hundreds, if not potentially thousands, of Americans at risk, the progressive Democrat from New York warned.

Trump Jr. Hails Conflicting Mueller Poll

Donald Trump Jr. praised a poll showing that most Americans believe the Russian probe was politically motivated but ignored the part saying a majority think the presidents senior campaign advisers had improper dealings with Russia.

Black Guns Matter Founder: Conflict Resolution Is Key

I think that if this is something that was made more prominent, we might have saved a good man, said Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure, speaking about conflict resolution.

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looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets theyuld reach

Stephen Hawking Thinks These 3 Things Could Destroy Humanity

Stephen Hawking has a long list of warnings about threats to humanity.

Stephen Hawking may be most famous for his work on black holes and gravitational singularities, but the world-renowned physicist has also become known for his outspoken ideas about things that could destroy human civilization.

Hawkingsuffers from a motor neuron diseasesimilar to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, which left him paralyzed and unable to speak without a voice synthesizer. But that hasnt stopped the University of Cambridge professor from making proclamations about the wide range of dangers humanity faces including ourselves.

Here are a few things Hawking has said could bring about the demise of human civilization. [End of the World? Top Doomsday Fears]

Hawking is part of a small but growing group of scientists who have expressedconcerns about strong artificial intelligence(AI) intelligence that could equal or exceed that of a human.

The development of full artificial intelligencecould spell the end of the human race, Hawking told the BBC in December 2014. The statement was in response to a question about a new AI voice-synthesizing system that Hawking has been using.

Hawkings warnings echo those of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, who has called AI humanitys biggest existential threat. Last month, Hawking, Musk and dozens of other scientific bigwigs signed an open letterdescribing the risks, as well as the benefits, of AI.

Because of thegreat potential of AI, it is important to research how to reap its benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls, the scientistswrote in the letter, which waspublished online Jan. 11 by the Future of Life Institute, a volunteer organization that aims to mitigate existential threats to humanity.

But many AI researchers say humanity is nowhere near being able to develop strong AI.

We are decades away from any technology we need to worry about, Demis Hassabis, an artificial intelligence researcher at Google DeepMind, told reporters this week at a news conference about a new AI program he developed that can teach itself to play computer games. Still, Its good to start the conversation now, he added.

If our machines dont kill us, we might kill ourselves. Hawking now believes thathuman aggression might destroy civilization.

The physicist was giving a tour of the London Science Museum to Adaeze Uyanwah, a 24-year-old teacher from California who won a contest from . When Uyanwah asked, What human shortcomings would you most like to alter? Hawking responded:

The human failing I would most like to correct is aggression. It may have had survival advantage in caveman days, to get more food, territory or partner with whom to reproduce, but now it threatens to destroy us all,The Independentreported.

For example,a major nuclear war would likely end civilization, and could wipe out the human race, Hawking added. When asked which human quality he would most like to magnify, Hawking chose empathy, because it brings us together in a peaceful,西安洗浴 loving state.

Hawking thinks space exploration will be important to ensuring the survival of humanity. I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be space, and that it represents an important life insurance for our future survival,as it could prevent the disappearance of humanity by colonizing other planets,Cambridge Newsreported.

But Hawking had made ominous warnings even before these recent ones. Back in 2010, Hawking said that, if intelligent alien life exists, itmay not be that friendlytoward humans.

If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didnt turn out very well for the Native Americans,Hawking said during an episode of Into the Universe withStephen Hawking, a show hosted by the Discovery Channel,reported The Times, a U.K.-based newspaper.

Advanced alien civilizations might become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they could reach, Hawking said. If so, it makes sense for them to exploit each new planet for material to build more spaceships so they could move on. Who knows what the limits would be?

From the threat of nefarious AI, to advanced aliens, to hostile humans, Hawkings outlook for humanity is looking pretty grim.

Follow Tanya Lewis onTwitter. Follow us@livescience,Facebook&Google+. Original article onLive Science.

Where Are All the Aliens? Out There Book Excerpt

Stephen Hawkings Children and Colleagues Discuss Physicists Final Book, Legacy

Stephen Hawkings Final Book Says Theres No Possibility of God in Our Universe

Stephen Hawking Said Superhumans Will Replace Us. Was He Right?

Tanya was a staff writer for Live Science from 2013 to 2015, covering a wide array of topics, ranging from neuroscience to robotics to strange/cute animals. She received a graduate certificate in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a bachelor of science in biomedical engineering from Brown University. She has previously written for Science News, Wired, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, the radio show Big Picture Science and other places. Tanya has lived on a tropical island, witnessed volcanic eruptions and flown in zero gravity (without losing her lunch!). To find out what her latest project is, you can visit herwebsite.

A Mathematician Just Solved a Deceptively Simple Puzzle That Has Boggled Minds for 64 Years

How an Injection of Tiny Beads into Stomach Arteries Might Help with Weight Loss

Airplane Wing Assembles Like a Jigsaw Puzzle and Can Morph Into Any Shape

Climate Change Drove Some Neanderthals to Cannibalism

Fossil Death Pit Preserves Dino Extinction Event But Where Are the Dinosaurs?

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which incorporate purposeful movement

The latest insights into the changing climate

New findings in cancer treatment and prevention

In-depth investigations on all things marine science

EurekAlert! provides embargoed and breaking science news you cant afford to miss.

EurekAlert! offers a one-stop science news distribution service you can trust.

EurekAlert! is a service of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Supported by Temasek Foundation, NTU develops interactive educational tools trialled at MINDS

VIDEO:NTU i-Tile being trialled at Fernvale Gardens School, which engages students of varying abilities and allowing them to learn together at their own pace.viewmore

With funding from Temasek Foundation, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) researchers have developed an interactive educational tool called the i-Tile, which makes learning more engaging for children with special needs.

Working with teachers from the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) Fernvale Gardens School, NTU researchers developed lessons based on the i-Tile technology.

Since 2018, the i-Tile learning activities were trialled at the MINDS Fernvale Gardens School – a school for children and youth with moderate to severe intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Research findings from the trials suggest that the design of the i-Tile learning activities, which incorporate purposeful movement, game-like elements and responsive audio-visual feedback, are effective in increasing and sustaining student engagement. The i-Tile lessons were also observed to help students learn values such as the need to take turns and teamwork.

The reconfigurable nature of the i-Tile system also allows teachers to adapt and design new learning activities to meet their students diverse learning needs. Teachers are keen on using the i-Tiles to help students remember their personal information, such as their telephone numbers and their home address, or to teach students money skills and how to shop for items in a supermarket.

The project was started in 2015 by NTU Associate Professor Goh Wooi Boon, who noticed that most children seem to be more engaged and energetic when they are moving around and playing with their friends.

We set out to develop appropriate low-cost technology, which the teachers can readily incorporate movement, play and collaboration into their lessons, so that it engages the students in their learning, said Assoc Prof Goh, Associate Chair (Faculty) of the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

Professor Leo Tan, Chairman of Temasek Foundation Innovates, said: The i-Tiles technology is a novel solution that helps children not only learn better, but bring about important lifelong skills. We are pleased to support practical and sustainable research that creates a better life for everyone in Singapore.

Ms Koh Gee May, deputy CEO of MINDS said, The students who are involved in the project have gained huge strides not only in academic areas but also in other areas such as the ability to display great sportsmanship, and communication and interpersonal skills. Students have become more confident in reading and spelling as the programme provides immediate feedback once they complete the tasks.

As the programme involves interactive, collaborative and competitive play, it encourages our students to engage with one another in its play, thus enabling the students to work together and at the same time, show respect and generosity to their fellow competitors. The beauty of it all is that the technology used is easy to learn and versatile so teachers can customise it to suit students varying learning needs and achieve individual goals.

Moving forward, Prof Goh will be working with the teachers from MINDS Fernvale Gardens School to scale up the lessons to other classes, training more teachers in the use of the teaching tool and customising learning resources to meet future learning needs.

If successful, the i-Tile learning system and pedagogy could be rolled out to the other MINDS schools and will also be available for licensing from NTU.

The i-Tile system consists of two tablet computers and a custom-designed card-reader (the i-Tile) that can detect objects with Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) such as a picture or alphabet card. The teacher facilitates the lesson using one tablet computer, whilst the other tablet computer acts as a coordinated remote display and is connected to the classrooms projection display.

For instance, an image of an apple would appear on the screen and the student will have to move up to the front to select the corresponding word card and tap it against the i-Tile, which would then respond with the appropriate light and sound, indicating whether the choice is correct.

A variety of cards can be programmed by teachers allowing them to conduct an inclusive lesson with a class of students with differing levels of competencies. While one student can visually match using picture cards, another can spell using the correct sequence of alphabet cards. It is observed that each student feels a sense of accomplishment at his or her respective level of ability.

Compared to regular lessons, teachers involved in the trial unanimously agreed that the i-Tile lessons generated more motivation for their students. Some students look forward expectantly to the next lesson, wanting to excel and get the right answers. This positive attitude in learning gave the students a sense of pride in their achievement and sustained their engagement.

One teacher said her students have made efforts to practise their spelling lessons at home to improve their sight words which are frequently used words that young children are encouraged to memorise for ease of recognition. In particular, two students had made a marked improvement in their learning thanks to the i-Tile lessons, with one receiving a Good Progress award and the other a Merit award from the school at its year-end award ceremony.

Started in Oct 2015, this project is supported by Temasek Foundation through its SMF Research Grant Programme.

Manager, Communications and Partnerships

About Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

A research-intensive public university, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has 33,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Engineering, Business, Science, Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences, and Graduate colleges. It also has a medical school, the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, set up jointly with Imperial College London.

NTU is also home to world-class autonomous institutes – the National Institute of Education, S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Earth Observatory of Singapore, and Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering – and various leading research centres such as the Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI) and Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N).

Ranked 12th in the world, NTU has also been placed the worlds top young university for the past five years. The Universitys main campus is frequently listed among the Top 15 most beautiful university campuses in the world and it has 57 Green Mark-certified (equivalent to LEED-certified) building projects comprising more than 230 buildings, of which 95% are certified Green Mark Platinum. Apart from its main campus, NTU also has a campus in Singapores healthcare district.

For more information,

Temasek Foundation Innovates is a Singapore-based non-profit philanthropic organisation that funds and supports programmes focusing on developing practical solutions for a better life through research and development. Established in 2016,西安洗浴 it aims to strengthen research capabilities by nurturing talents, as well as encouraging cross collaborations.

The Foundation manages the Singapore Millennium Foundation Research Grant Programme, under which competitive grant calls have taken place annually since 2011. The Foundation also supports the Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory.

Temasek Foundation Innovates and the other Temasek Foundations were established by Temasek to better serve the evolving needs of the wider community, reinforcing its approach to sustainable giving. Since its inception in 1974, Temasek has established 19 endowments, which focus on building people, building communities, building capabilities and rebuilding lives.

For more information on the Temasek family of Foundations, please

For more information on Temasek Foundation Innovates, please

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NJIT researchers detect minute levels of disease with a nanotechnology-enhanced biochip

3D-printed transparent skull provides a window to the brain

Teaching computers to intelligently design billions of possible materials

Low-bandwidth radar technology provides improved detection of objects

American Friends of Tel Aviv University

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Artificial intelligence enables recognizing and assessing a violinists bow movements

Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona

Saffron comes from Attica — origin of the saffron crocus traced back to Greece

Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research

3D-printed transparent skull provides a window to the brain

Researchers tap rare pristine air to reveal pollutions impact

DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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The EDD is unable to guarantethaccuracy of thisnslation anderefornot liablfor y incutinmaon chgemn

The fastest and easiest way to file a Paid Family Leave (PFL) claim is online, usingSDI Online.

1. Gather Required Information.Youmustprovide the following information to file a PFL claim:

Provide the information below ONLY if it applies to you:

Any wages you received or expect to receive from your employer (sick leave, paid-time-off [PTO], vacation pay, annual leave, and wages earned after your stopped working).

Any workers compensation claim information.

VisitBenefit Programs Online (BPO)to complete a one-time registration.

to create an account. (To change the language of all pages to Spanish, select En español on the BPO login page.)

Provide a personal email address that is current and is used only by you.

Set up a password that is between 8 and 20 characters. The password is case sensitive and must contain at least:

One special character from this list: !@$%^&*( )

with security questions and answers and a personal image and caption.

Once you submit your registration information, an email with a link will be sent to you. Select the unique link within 48 hours to complete your registration.

BPO registration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After you have registered for and logged in to BPO, select SDI Online which will direct you to the SDI Online Registration Options. An Employment Development Department (EDD) Customer Account Number will be provided upon completion of the registration process. A notification of registration will also be sent to you via email and US Postal Service. You will now use BPO to log in to SDI Online to file a claim.

Follow these directions to file a new claim throughSDI Online:

On the BPO login page, enter your email, and select

Verify your Personal Image and Personal Caption are correct, then provide your password and select

under the Main Menu on your SDI Online Home page.

and follow the steps in each section to fill out the form.

If you are a new mother transitioning from a disability-related pregnancy claim, the form you need to complete,

Claim for Paid Family Leave (PFL) Benefits New Mother

(DE 2501FP) will be located in your inbox once your Disability Insurance claim ends.

Review your completed form information for accuracy.

to send the completed SDI Online Part A to the EDD.

On the confirmation page, be sure to

. If this is a PFL care claim, you will need to provide this number to the care recipients physician/practitioner.

Note: It may be necessary to send some documents via U.S. mail.

: Submit your claim no earlier than the first day your family leave begins, but no later than 41 days after your family leave begins or you may lose benefits.

: Do not submit duplicates of the same claim. This will delay claim processing.

4. Attach Additional Documentation Required.

Bonding New Mother:No additional documents needed.

Bonding Other:For mothers without a prior pregnancy disability claim, new fathers, and foster or adoptive parents, you will need to provide a Proof of Relationship document with your claim. You may mail it as a paper document to be matched to your claim or scan and upload it to your computer to submit with your claim using SDI Online. SelectFile a New Claimunder theMain Menuon your home page and selectSubmit Electronic Paid Family Leave Bonding Attachment.

Care Claims:Along with your Part A Statement of Claimant, you must also provide the Care Recipients Authorization for Disclosure of Personal Health Information and Part C – Statement of Care Recipient signed by the care recipient or their authorized representative. These additional forms may be downloaded from the confirmation page when Part A is submitted online. You may scan and upload it to your computer to submit with your claim using SDI Online. SelectFile a New Claimunder theMain Menuon your home page and selectSubmit Electronic Paid Family Leave Care Attachment. If using the paper claim form, it can be mailed to the EDD in the envelope provided.

You also need Part D – Physician/Practitioners Certification of theClaim for Paid Family Leave (PFL) Benefits(DE 2501F) completed and signed by the care recipients physician/practitioner. Provide your Form Receipt Number to the physician/practitioner so they can submit the medical certification. The physician/practitioner may submit the certification using SDI Online or you can have them complete and sign a paper version.

Be sure to talk to the physician/practitioner about their process for submitting a PFL claim; they do not all follow the same process.

It is your responsibility to have the physician/practitioner complete and sign the form and submit it to the EDD within 41 days from the date your family leave begins or you may lose benefits.

Your claim will not be processed until all the required sections (as explained in previous steps) of the application are received. The EDD will contact you with the status of your claim. If you want additional information on how to file a claim online through SDI Online, review theSDI Online Claimant Tutorial.

Your employer will be notified that you have submitted a PFL claim. However, medical information is confidential and will not be shared with your employer.

For more information, visitAfter You File for PFL: Claim Processing.

This Google translation feature,西安夜生活 provided on the Employment Development Department (EDD) website, is for informational purposes only.

The web pages currently in English on the EDD website are the official and accurate source for the program information and services the EDD provides. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes. If any questions arise related to the information contained in the translated website, please refer to the English version.

The EDD is unable to guarantee the accuracy of this translation and is therefore not liable for any inaccurate information or changes in the formatting of the pages resulting from the translation application tool.

Forms and publications provided on the EDD website cannot be translated using Google Translate. Some forms and publications are translated by the department in other languages. For those forms, visit the Online Forms and Publications section.

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The latest insights into the changing climate

New findings in cancer treatment and prevention

In-depth investigations on all things marine science

EurekAlert! provides embargoed and breaking science news you cant afford to miss.

EurekAlert! offers a one-stop science news distribution service you can trust.

EurekAlert! is a service of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

It is no secret that a bad mood can negatively affect how we treat others. But can it also make us more distrustful? Yes,西安洗浴 according to a new study, which shows that negative emotions reduce how much we trust others, even if these emotions were triggered by events that have nothing to do with the decision to trust. The study was carried out by an international research team from the University of Zurich (UZH) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

That emotions can influence the way we interact with others is well known – just think of how easily an argument with a loved one can get heated. But what about when these emotions are triggered by events that have nothing to do with the person we are interacting with, for instance the annoyance caused by a traffic jam or a parking fine. Researchers call these types of emotions incidental, because they were triggered by events that are unrelated to our currently ongoing social interactions. It has been shown that incidental emotions frequently occur in our day-to-day interactions with others, although we might not be fully aware of them.

For the study, UvA neuroeconomist Jan Engelmann teamed up with UZH neuroeconomists Ernst Fehr, Christian Ruff and Friederike Meyer. The team investigated whether incidental aversive affect can influence trust behavior and the brain networks relevant for supporting social cognition. To induce a prolonged state of negative affect, the team used the well-established threat-of-shock method, in which participants are threatened with (but only sometimes given) an unpleasant electrical shock. This threat has been shown to reliably induce anticipatory anxiety. Within this emotional context, participants were then asked to play a trust game, which involved decisions about how much money they wished to invest in a stranger (with the stranger having the possibility to repay in kind, or keep all the invested money to themselves). The researchers found that participants indeed trusted significantly less when they were anxious about receiving a shock, even though the threat had nothing to do with their decision to trust.

Disrupted brain activity and connectivity

The team also recorded participants brain responses using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) while they made trust decisions. This revealed that a region that is widely implicated in understanding others beliefs, the temporoparietal junction (TPJ), was significantly suppressed during trust decisions when participants felt threatened, but not when they felt safe. The connectivity between the TPJ and the amygdala was also significantly suppressed by negative affect. Moreover, under safe conditions, the strength of the connectivity between the TPJ and other important social cognition regions, such as the posterior superior temporal sulcus and the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, predicted how much participants trusted others. This relationship between brain activity and behavior was nullified when participants felt anxious.

These results show that negative emotions can significantly impact our social interactions, and specifically how much we trust others, authors Jan Engelmann and Christian Ruff explain. They also reveal the underlying effects of negative affect on brain circuitry: Negative affect suppresses the social cognitive neural machinery important for understanding and predicting others behavior. According to Engelmann, their findings indicate that negative emotions can have important consequences on how we approach social interactions. In light of recent political events in the UK and the forthcoming elections for the European Parliament, the results also contain a warning: Negative emotions, even if they are incidental, may distort how we make important social decisions, including voting.

J.B. Engelmann, F. Meyer, C.C. Ruff, CC, E. Fehr. The Neural Circuitry of Emotion-Induced Distortions of Trust.Science Advances. 13 March 2019. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aau3413

Disclaimer:AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system.

NarcoLogic computer model shows unintended consequences of e interdiction

Digital device overload linked to obesity risk

Team models e trafficking response to counternarcotic efforts

Online romance is local, but not all locales are the same

Artificial intelligence enables recognizing and assessing a violinists bow movements

Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona

Saffron comes from Attica — origin of the saffron crocus traced back to Greece

Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research

3D-printed transparent skull provides a window to the brain

Researchers tap rare pristine air to reveal pollutions impact

DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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Tartar said.

Jill Tarter at the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, which was used to search for communications signals from alien civilizations.

(Image: © Acey Harper/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty)

IRVINE, Calif. Astrophysicist Jill Tarter is one of the worldsbest-known leadersin the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI. For 35 years, she served as the director of the Center for SETI Research (part of the SETI institute) and was also the project scientist for NASAs SETI program, before its cancellation in 1993.

Despite her longtime association with that four-letter acronym, Tarter says its time for SETI to be rebranded.

At a recent meeting of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Astrobiology Science Strategy for the Search for Life in the Universe, held here at the University of California, Irvine, Tarter explained that the phrasesearch for extraterrestrial intelligencegenerates an incorrect perception of what scientists in this field are actually doing. A more appropriate title for the field, she said, would be the search for technosignatures, or signs of technology created by intelligent alien civilizations. [13 Ways to Hunt Intelligent Aliens]

We need to be very careful about our language, Tarter said during a presentation at the committee meeting on Jan. 18. SETI is not the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. We cant define intelligence, and we sure as hell dont know how to detect it remotely. [SETI] is searching for evidence of someone elses technology. We use technology as a proxy for intelligence.

[The acronym] SETI has been problematic in history, and we should just drop [it] and just continue to talk about a search for technosignatures, she said.

What constitutes a technosignature? Tarter reviewedsome of the possibilitiesthat she and other SETI scientists have proposed.

We have a pragmatic definition for technology, which is the ability to deliberately modify an environment in ways that can be sensed over interstellar or interplanetary distances, including the unintended consequences of that modification, Tarter said. Life does this, but it doesnt do it deliberately.

One technosignature that scientists have been actively seeking for decades is communication signals. These could include signals used by members of an alien civilization to communicate with each other or attempts to communicate with other civilizations. The SETI Institute continues to search for alien communications in radio waves, using theAllen Telescope Array. (Tarter was the inspiration for the main character in Carl Sagans novel Contact, which was adapted into a movie; in that story, aliens make contact with Earth via radio waves.) But recent SETI efforts have expanded to look for other mediums of alien communication, and SETI scientists have theorized that an interstellar civilization mightuse laser light to communicate.

Science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, which would mean that alien technology could be as mysterious and unexplainable to humans as technologies that appear in science-fiction TV shows and movies. That opens up a dauntingly large range of possibilities for what technosignatures might look like. What if an alien civilization were communicating via a mechanism that Earth-based scientists havent discovered yet? Would humans immediately recognize these magical technosignatures, or would we not see them as unnatural?

Tarter said she prefers to focus on a slight alteration of Clarkes prediction written by the futurist Karl Schroeder: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from nature.

[The system] will be so efficient that there will be no wastage, and [it] will appear to be natural, Tarter said. If this prediction is correct, it might also be impossible for humans to identify technosignatures from very advanced civilizations. But Tarter uses it as a jumping-off point to brainstorm how scientists might identify technologies that have not yet reached that level of sophistication.

In the field of exoplanet science, new techniques and new instruments are increasing scientists ability to study exoplanets and gather informationabout their atmospheresandsurface conditions. The central focus in that field is to find habitable planets, or planets with unintelligent life-forms (like plants). Tarter said those tools could also provide the opportunity to look for signs oftechnology that artificially alters a planets climateor conditions.

As we begin to look for exoplanets and image them, you might get an unexpected glint, [because] maybe mirrors re cooling their planet, reflecting light away from the planet, Tarter said.

But a technosignature wouldnt necessarily have to be the detection of the technology itself. The artificialalteration of a planets climatecould be revealed simply because the planet in question is too close or too far away from its parent star to have the observed climate. A star system with multiple planets that all have similarly moderate, habitable climates, despite their particular proximity to the parent star, could indicate large-scale bioengineering by an intelligent civilization, Tartar said.

[An alien civilization] also might want to decrease latitudinal variation in temperature; maybe they want more of their planet to be nice and cozy, Tarter said. Its going to take a lot of energy to do that, but I dont know the physics that says you cant.

By surrounding their star with swarms of energy-collecting satellites, advanced civilizations could create Dyson spheres. [Read the Full Dyson Sphere Infographic Here.]

(Image: © by Karl Tate, Infographics Artist)

The search for technosignatures is daunting, but Tarter says now is a really opportunistic time for it. The field is benefiting from new instruments and a wider array of instruments. SETI scientists are often searching through large volumes of data, seeking the proverbial needle in the haystack. Artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks can help aid this effort by combing through this vast data to search for signals that the scientists program machines to find and also allowing the data to tell us what kind of signals are there, Tarter said, which increases the odds of finding an unanticipated technosignature.

Tarter listed multiple SETI projects and initiatives that are underway around the world. The most high-profile isBreakthrough Listen, a private initiative that has funded a group of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley to utilize various telescopes to search for signs of alien communication or other possible technosignatures. The Berkeley group has led an effort tocrack the mystery of Boyajians star, which has exhibited a very strange pattern of dimming and brightening. A few years ago, some researchers proposed that perhaps the strange light patterns were created by an alien megastructure orbiting the star a fantastic example of a technosignature. Though that possibility has largely been ruled out, the Breakthrough Listen researchers are still working to understand this phenomenon.

The challenge of searching for alien technosignatures may be daunting, but Tarter remains unwavering in her optimism for the search for life beyond Earth.

In 2004,西安桑拿 Craig Venter and Daniel Cohenmade a really bold statement: They said the 20th century had been the century of physics, but the 21st century would be the century of biology, Tarter said. I think they were right, but I dont think they were bold enough. Because I think the 21st century is going to be the century of biology on Earthand beyond.

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Trumps 2020 NASA Budget Will Take US from Moon to Mars, Agency Chief Says

NASA Is Finally Funding a Mars Sample Return Mission, But Details Are Slim

Trumps 2020 NASA Budget Would Cancel Space Telescope, Earth Science Missions (Again)

Mars, the Moon and the Pleiades Form a Cosmic Triangle Tonight

Live Now! NASA Telecon on 2020 Budget Details

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After downloading the app

This Feb. 27, 2019 photo shows the arrival of Nyota, right, and Ophelia, two new Southern White rhinos at the San Antonio Zoo in San Antonio, Texas. The arrival of the rhinos signals the opening of the enlarged Savana Habitat, which includes landscaping, trees, a waterfall and several additional species.

This Feb. 27, 2019 photo shows the arrival of Nyota, right, and Ophelia, two new Southern White rhinos at the San Antonio Zoo in San Antonio, Texas. The arrival of the rhinos signals the opening of the enlarged Savana Habitat, which includes landscaping,西安洗浴 trees, a waterfall and several additional species.

The San Antonio Zoos newest experience invites guests into the heart of a rhino habitat, set in verdant landscaping on a natural dirt surface similar to the grassy plains of Africa.

The San Antonio Express-News reports at a recent visit, Nyota and Ophelia, the 2-year-old southern white rhinos who arrived in the Alamo City several weeks ago, appeared to be settling in well at their new home. They will be joined by a young male in hopes of restarting a breeding program for the endangered mammals.

The habitat is part of The Savanna exhibit, which includes zebras and giraffes. A waterfall spills into a creek for the pair of rhinoceroses to splash in and roll around. The landscape includes Palo Verde trees and colorful flower beds, flush with snapdragon and dianthus blooms.

A viewing deck extends over the rhino exhibit, allowing visitors to get a closer look at the zoos newest mammals. The deck was built with posts of local timber and planks made of recycled plastic called Trex. Invisimesh lining at the top gives the viewer an open view that appears invisible from side angles.

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Animals in the different habitats that make up The Savanna will be able to roam freely across the grasslands. Zebras already have peered at the rhino habitat through gates underneath the deck. Other animals that also live on the African savannah will be introduced in the months to come.

At the time the plans for the new habitat were announced last summer, rhino advocates were pleased.

It will be a very rich environment for those animals with lots of stimulation, said Susie Ellis, executive director of the International Rhino Foundation. Its much like the wild.

At the entrance to the exhibit is the striking 17-foot-tall bronze sculpture of endangered northern white rhinos brought in from New York. Created by artists Gillie and Marc Schattner, its named The Last Three in honor of the last three living northern white rhinos.

Sudan, the last male and one of the models for sculpture, died last March at the age of 45. His daughter and granddaughter are the last living northern white rhinos; they are the other two in the artwork. Unless theres a miracle development with in vitro fertilization, their species will go extinct when they die.

Rhino populations are dwindling worldwide due to habitat destruction and poaching, said Tim Morrow, the San Antonio Zoos president and CEO. Future rhino births will carry on a decades-long tradition of successes in San Antonio that will greatly contribute to the association of zoos and aquarium special survival plan for this species.

In 1972, the San Antonio Zoo was the first facility in the nation to have a successful birth of a white rhino.

Morrow said the $1 million rhino habitat project was a year in the making. He said the habitat is part of the zoos mission to have a new or upgraded exhibit each year.

People will see something different every time they come, Morrow said.

Zoo officials said the recent availability of the two young females accelerated the renovation plan.

We had a window and we had to take it, said Jonathan Reding, director of mammals. If we waited too long they would go somewhere else.

In August, when the renovations began, the zoos lone southern white rhino, 21-year old Kuto, was relocated to Natural Bridge Wildlife Park, where zoo keepers said he has found a girlfriend. Kuto will stay there, officials said.

Morrow said he and Reding penned the design for the new rhinoceros exhibit on a napkin while waiting for a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Sol Studio Architects developed a blueprint from the sketch.

One of the key features of the exhibit is the huge rhino sculpture, which was brought here from Brooklyn. The artwork is linked to an augmented reality app that allows viewers to protect and adopt the Northern white rhinos.

After downloading the app, visitors will be able to see the likeness of rhinos wandering within the area of the sculpture. More than 75 percent of the apps proceeds will benefit the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, where the remaining two northern white rhinos make their home.

Information from: San Antonio Express-News,

This is an AP Weekend Member Exchange shared by the San Antonio Express-News

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Miranda Lambert shines bright at Off the Rails festival

Why you wont see Richland deputy Addy Perez on Live PD for a while

Thousands exposed to dangerous drinking water across South Carolina

Bowling alley-arcade with bucket-sized cocktails, 2-foot hot dogs reopens in Midlands

He didnt see field for Gamecocks last year but has all the ability in the world

Possible presidential candidate dances to R. Kelly at SC church by mistake, aide says

TV celebrities and coaches charged in college bribery scheme


Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have been charged along with nearly 50 other people in what prosecutors say was a scheme in which wealthy parents paid bribes to get their children into some of the nations most elite colleges.

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Feds charge dozens in widespread US college admissions scam

Rockets play the Warriors on 9-game win streak

Phoenix plays Utah, aims for 4th straight home win

New Mexico Senate endorses more subsidies to film industry

The Latest: Charity tied to college scam gave $2M in grants

Huffman and Loughlin charges shatter actresses clean images

Real-time updates and all local stories you want right in the palm of your hand.

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